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About Us

Kathy Muller Locations is Hawaii’s most successful multi-service Agency of its type.

The founder and owner, Kathy Muller, established the Agency in 1979. Kathy used her background in Advertising with BBD&O in San Francisco and her own commercial and modeling career to develop a company that met the needs of the local, national and international film industry. The Kathy Muller Agency is now the main source in Hawaii for talent and private locations used for filming. Tapping the ever-expanding National and International film markets is a large part of the KMA success story.

The Kathy Muller Agency is a full service Agency. The Agency represents talent as a theatrical, commercial and modeling agency as well as representing private locations available for filming, vacation rentals and events in the Agency’s location division. Kathy does a great deal of traveling outside of Hawaii promoting the Agency’s talent and locations as well as promoting Hawaii as a destination for mainland and International productions companies. The other division under the KMA umbrella is KMA Travel Agency. This allows us to book temporary lodging.

KMA Location Division lists over 400 homes for film production. The division also represents an exclusive list of oceanfront vacation rentals and event venues.

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